ENVMATH.COM does math with DOS environment variables. What good is that, you say?

Well, for starters, you can control looping within a batch file- try that with plain DOS! Since ENVMATH allows incrementing (+1) and decrementing (-1), it is easy to run a loop, say, 10 times- or 26,153 times! ENVMATH also can compare two variables, so you can keep looping until a target is reached, like 0, or maybe your age. Used in conjunction with ENVSAVE- a bit of freeware bundled with it- you can set up batch files to count how many times the machine is booted, or a certain program is run. You can use it to generate numeric parameters to pass to other programs. Remember, any Windows program can be started from a batch file, too!

For more information, see the ENVMATH Readme file, and the ENVSAVE Readme file.

Note: Unfortunately, ENVMATH will not work on Windows NT systems due to system security restrictions (they are not really DOS).

Tools used in the creation of ENVMATH:

NASM the Netwide Assembler

Oppuk gazed down at the creature in disgust.  Not only had it forced its barbaric name upon him, it smelled of floral aromatics, which the denizens of this world often applied to themselves in the mistaken belief that the natural scents of their bodies were noisome, while blatant artificial odors were somehow more acceptable.
Oppuk, The Course of Empire, Eric Flint & K.D. Wentworth